Mid Sussex league

A loss for Bexhill 2…

The Bexhill B team played Eastbourne B on Thursday 10th Febuary.

In board order our team was John, myself, Steve Merchant and Sharon.

Once again we played at Sharon’s studio, which continues to be very popular with all who play there. Eastbourne fielded a much stonger side than in their previous match, and we found ourselfs out graded on three of the four boards.

On board three, Steve played the Eastbourne captain. The game was a fairly short one as both plyers played solid Chess which resulted in a draw with the game completely level.

Sharon on board 4 faced a strong opponent rated well over 300 points higher than herself. Sharon played well but to no avail as her opponent was able to slowly build a winning position leading to a resignation from Sharon. 

My game was next to end. I was able to capitalise on an error after move 11 by my opponent and won a Bishop for the price of a pawn. The Eastbourne player fought well and found a number of resourceful moves, but he eventually ran out of time, with the position on the board looking rather bleak for him.

John on board one faced a very experienced player and a very competitive and long match ensued.

John went down by a pawn in the middle game and his opponent was very slowly able to capitilise on this and after a game lasting a little over three hours John was forced to resign.

The final score therefore was 2.5 to Eastbourne and 1.5 to Bexhill

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