Mid Sussex league

Horsham v Bexhill

On Tuesday 22nd Febuary, Bexhill 2 made the long journey to Horsham to play Horsham 3.

Steve Merchant on board 4 was first to finish, his opponent employed a seldom seen variation of the Alapin against the Sicilian and went on to play a very strong game and eventually was able to promote to a Queen and Steve resigned soon after.

I was next to finish. playing on board 3. I opened with the Italian, my opponent played a Kings Indian. The opening was close, but after 21 moves I managed to win a pawn, which left me with a passed supported b pawn which eventually proved decisive and my opponent resigned after 46 moves, by which time I had 2 passed pawns.

John on board 1 played in his customary attacking style and caused his opponent plenty of problems in the opening and John seemed to be in the driving seat. However, he sacrificed a piece in order to gain a very powerful looking position but his opponent found a reply that John had not seen and this loss of a piece was to prove to be the difference, John fought on well but with his opponent about to promote a pawn John had no option but to resign.

Finally on board 2 Derek had the better of his opponent for most of a tight game and entered the end game with a small advantage of four pawns and a rook to three pawns and a rook. However his opponent managed to find a couple of strong moves and was able to equalise at two pawns each, and, after three hours, a draw was agreed.

Final score Horsham 2.5  bexhill 1.5

We have now had three defeats and one draw but are hoping for our first win when we play Collyers 6th Form College on Thursday 3rd of march.


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