Mid Sussex league

Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory!

Thursday 21st April saw our B team play their final league match of the season.

Our opponents were East Grinstead Bookshop and the match was a home fixture.

The evening started well as John on board 1 scored a resounding victory, when

after only 23 moves his opponent was forced to resign with checkmate one move away.

Second to finish was Derek on board 2. His opponent was a piece up and had a strong positional advantage when Derek resigned.

Sharon on board 4 played a long and tight match but in the end her opponents one pawn advantage was enough for the victory.

Steve on board 3 unfortunately lost a piece in the middle game, and despite fighting hard and at one point looking very much back in contention, he eventually after nearly three hours had to resign.

Final score Bookshop 3 Bexhill B 1.

So no wins from the seven matches for the B team, only two draws. I think it it is fair to say that we hoped and perhaps expected more, but we did seem to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a few matches.

However we all enjoyed the experience and certainly bonded well as a team.


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