Mid Sussex league

A successful trip to the bookshop…

On Thursday 17th November Bexhill 3 travelled to East Grinstead to take on The Bookshop 2nd team.

Our team, in board order was Bill Luxton, Steve Merchant, Alan Ticehurst and myself.

The Bookshop had made a good start to the league having won both their games so we expected a strong challenge.

First to finish was Alan on board 3. Alan played a wonderful attacking game, rather in the manner of his hero Tal. His opponent was soon under immense pressure and soon after Alan sacrificed a rook his opponent realised that the game was up and resigned.

Playing on board 4 I was next to finish. I had gradually established a strong position and was 2 pawns up when, just as I was about to win another pawn, my opponent decided to resign.

Steve, was locked in a tight game, but looked to have an edge, when, knowing we just needed a draw for a match win, he offered a draw, and, rather surprisingly his opponent accepted. This was excellent team play by Steve.

Bill on board 1 was last to finish. He and his opponent were equal in material, but Bill had a big edge in position. Eventually Bill created an over whelming position and finished the game in style with a checkmate.

Final score Bookshop 2 .5   Bexhill 3 3.5

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