Mid Sussex league

A fantastic draw!

Match report from our captain, Bill Tracey:

On Friday 25th November, Bexhill 1 hosted Horsham 1.

Our team, in board order was Janis, Andrew, Steve Blewitt and Leo.

All four games were closely contested and produced some excellent chess.

First to finish was Andrew on board 2. Playing against an opponent who out rated him by 200 points. Andrew never looked in trouble as he calmly progressed his way to a draw.

Steve on board 3 was out rated by 260 points, but played his usual attacking game and caused his opponent to have to think long and hard. Finally a draw was agreed.

On board 4 Leo was out rated by 190 points. He fought really well for over 2.5 hours but finally had no choice but to resign.

With one game left we were behind 2 to 1 and Janis was involved in a titanic struggle with Horsham’s number one player. Janis continually posed difficult questions for a player out rating him by 260 points. Eventually, with Janis on the attack and his opponent in big time trouble, the clock ran out for the Horsham player.

So the final score was 2 all. A superb result for Bexhill against a very strong club that fielded a team that out rated us by approximately 1000 points.

Well done to all!

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