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A win for Bexhill 2

Here is the match report from our captain Bill Tracey.

On Friday 17th February Bexhill 2 played Eastbourne 3 at home
in Division 2 of the Mid Sussex League.

Our team, in board order was Leo, Andy, John and Steve Merchant.

This was a very important match as a win would pretty much ensure that
we would remain in Division 2, and I am pleased to say that all four players responded superbly and Bexhill won 4 to 0.

First to win was Steve, who continued his fine recent form and overwhelmed his opponent who resigned when Steve played a fine Knight move that checked his opponent, and, at the same time won his Queen.

Leo, on board 1 also won in very quick time, when after just 20 moves his opponent resigned after a smart tactic from Leo meant the loss of his opponents Queen

John on 3 continued the theme, when he too won his opponents Queen quite early on.
His opponent fought on bravely, but John quite soon after forced a resignation.

Andy and his opponent played out a simply magnificent game on board 2.
Andy attacked through out with great style, but his opponent defended with great resolve,
and eventually managed to push a pawn to the 7th rank.
Andy, despite being under huge time pressure managed to hold the pawn on the 7th and, by clever use of his Knight, engineered a position where he would be able to win this pawn.

Meanwhile, his opponent was now also under immense time pressure, and ran out of time.

A league match can only last a maximum of 3 hours and 10 minutes and there was barely 20 seconds
left when his time ran out.
Both players received a very well deserved round of applause from all present.

The 2nd team is now in a much more comfortable 6th place in the league.

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