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Mid Sussex league season 2022-2023

Here is the report from our captain Bill Tracey on the League season 2022 to 2023.

For the 1st time, Bexhill entered 3 teams into the Mid Sussex Chess Leagues.
Only 2 other clubs entered more than us with several entering only 1.
This, I believe, is another powerful indication of how much stronger the club is becoming both in terms of member numbers and in playing strength.

A total of 17 members played for the club this season, including 8 new members.

I would like to thank all these members for making my job as team captain so easy.

Across the 3 divisions we played 27 matches which equates to 108 games,
and, for each of these we had not a single drop out from any member who had committed to play.

From those 108 games 43 were wins 35 were draws and 30 were losses.

Our 1st team had the daunting prospect of playing in Division 1.
This was always going to be a huge challenge and this was clearly shown
when we were out rated in our first match against Brighton by1380 rating points! Despite this those who played for the 1st team did a fantastic job of keeping us in the top league. Although we finished in 7th place from 9 we only had a game point difference of only minus 6, this contrasts with the two teams below us with minus 16 and minus 13.

The two standout players were Andrew Fleming and Janis Petersons. They played all 9 matches, all bar one on boards 1 and 2 against the best players in the league and only lost 4 games from 18.. Janis scored 5 points and Andrew 4.5.

Our 2nd team played in Division 2 and despite the best efforts of the 10 members who played during the course of the season we finished 8th and hence are relegated. The story of the season was of several close matches that we lost by a point. Our game points difference was minus eight, meaning on average we lost by just under a point per match, so we were competitive in many of the matches but just came up short too often.

Our 3rd team in Division 3 had a fantastic season being unbeaten all season winning 8 matches and drawing one and thus winning the Division crown. Our game point difference was 28 to 8 with only 5 games resulting in a loss.

9 members played throughout the season including 5 new members.

Several players deserve a special mention, Alan Ticehurst with 4.5 from 5 points, Steve Merchant 5 from 7 Bill Tracey 5 from 7, Luke Chapman making his debut at the age of 12 and winning his first match for the club, but especially Bill Luxton who, in his first season for the club won 6 drew 2 and lost just one while playing 7 times on board one.

Next season, with the amount of members that have expressed an interest in playing, we are hoping to enter 4 teams. Please let me know if you wish to play next season.

The 17 members who played this season are Andrew Fleming, Janis Petersons, Steve Blewitt, John Kimber Leo Woning, Bill Luxton, Bill Tracey, Steve Merchant, Phil Swain, Alan Ticehurst, Alfie Reed, Luke Chapman, Michael Hayward, Sam Merchant, Mark Rich, Derek Cosens and Andy Nguyen.

The next season will start in October.

Bill Tracey

N.B. Bexhill chess club would like to express their gratitude to Bill Tracey for another season of excellent captaincy. Many thanks Bill. Your dedication and hard work is very much appreciated.

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