Bexhill Rapid 2023

Bexhill rapid 23

On Sat 18th november, sleepy Bexhill on sea was once again descended upon by some of the best chess players in the county and beyond. Players young and old were locked in fierce combat for 6 grueling rounds of intense rapidplay chess.

By the time the winners were announced some 8 hours after the battles began, new friends were made, new champions were crowned but sadly, some had fallen by the wayside.

All results and plenty of photos can be found  below, Bexhill Chess Club would like to thank each and every one of the players and supporters for making the day so successful and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Bexhill Rapid 2023 winner: Ilya Iyengar 5.5/6

2nd place: Andrew McGettigan and Gavin Knott 5/6

Top Senior: John Sugden 4.5/6

Top Junior: Tobias Taylor 4/6

Top Bexhill player: Anh Nguyen 4.5/6

Top Under 1900: David Fryer 3.5/6

Top Under 1820: Richard Welford and Janis Petersons 4/6

Top Under 1550: Hal Gomez, Aditya Gupta, Samuel Merchant 3/6

Bexhill Challengers winner: Aidan Burnside 5/6

2nd place: Rose Burgess 5/6

3rd place: George Taylor 4.5/6

Top under 18: Sebastian Merchant 3/6

Top under 12: Harry Morter 3.5/6

For all the photos, see the main report here.

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