A much needed victory for Bexhill 2

On Monday 11th March, Bexhill 2 made their way over to East Grinstead to play their second team in the Sussex league. Our team in board order was Leo, Bill.L, Steve.M and Michael.

Michael was first to finish after winning a piece in the opening and continued on to a comfortable win.

After an epic battle on board 1, Leo and his opponent reached an equal position and they agreed a draw.

To secure a draw for the match, Steve decided to also take a draw in a game in which he had held a slight edge but had been unable to hold it.

Bill Luxton appeared to be in trouble, two pawns down, the match was heading for a draw. But some fantastic attacking chess quickly turned into a winning position and a victory for both Bill and the team.

Final score 3-1 to Bexhill!

This should be enough to keep Bexhill 2 in the second division for another season.

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