Bexhill Beach Blitz 2023

It’s back! After the great success of last year, once again we will be running the Bexhill Beach Blitz tournament as part of our ‘Chess on the beach’ fun day.

This years event will take place at the De La Warr pavilion on Saturday 19th August at 2pm.

Registration will close on the day at 1.30, and the tournament will run from 2.00. Entry will be £3 cash on the day. 

All games will be played arena style, and players will be re-paired as soon as an opponent becomes available, unless they should wish to take a break. Depending on the number of entries, there may be heats and a final. The time control will be 5+3, 3 points will be awarded for a win, 2 points for a draw, and 1 point for a loss. Play as many games as you can, or want to, in the allotted time. When your game finishes, report to the tournament controller with your result and to be re-paired. When the tournament is over, the player with the most points will be crowned the 2023 Beach Blitz Champion!

Trophies will be awarded for first place and runner up, and medals will be awarded for those finishing in the top 10.