Bexhill Grand Prix

This season Bexhill will be offering a series of 8 ECF-rated rapid events. Each event will be a four round Swiss tournament with a time control of 15+5. Points will be collected throughout the season with each player’s top five performances counting towards their Grand Prix total. The tournaments will take place during normal Friday evening meetings and are open to all Bexhill chess club members.

Dates will be as follows:

Grand Prix 1: November 10th

Grand Prix 2: December 8th

Grand Prix 3: January 12th

Grand Prix 4: February 23rd

Grand Prix 5: March 29th

Grand Prix 6: May 3rd

Grand Prix 7: May 31st

Grand Prix 8: June 28th

Each member is welcome to play in as many or as few events as they like. However the top five scores will contribute to a player’s Grand Prix total, and loyalty medals will be awarded to those who participate in seven or more. There will be a trophy for the champion as well as second and third place. There will also be an award for the top junior, top U1800, top U1600, top U1400 and top unrated player. (Ratings and ages will be taken as of October 1st 2023. In line with ECF regulations, we will be only treating A,H or K ratings as valid and NOT P ratings, though final decisions on which section to enter a player will be at the tournament organisers discretion based on all available information including knowledge of player strength or other ratings.)

Registration for each event will be at 7pm prompt. With rounds commencing at 7.10, 7.50, 8.30 and 9.10.

The results of each Grand Prix and the ongoing Grand Prix tables will be published and updated regularly on the Bexhill chess club website.

N.B. When scheduling these events, it was impossible to completely avoid any clashes with Sussex league matches. So in order to make it as fair as possible, each of Bexhill’s four teams will have one match that will clash with a Grand Prix date. If you are unable to play in a Grand Prix because you are representing Bexhill in a league match, you will still get an attendance point towards a loyalty medal.