The Bughouse cup 2023

New for 2023, we are introducing ‘The Bughouse Cup’ to our ‘Chess on the beach’ fun day.

The competition will take place at the De La Warr pavilion on Saturday 19th August at 11am.

Teams must register by 11am.

So… what is Bughouse?

This is a game of two teams of two players.

When a player captures a piece, they pass it to their teammate.

You can place one piece on your turn instead of making a move.

If you capture a promoted pawn, it turns back into a pawn.

Pawns cannot be placed on the first or last rank.

The game ends when one player is defeated.

You can place pieces for check but not checkmate

Depending on numbers, there will be a mini league followed by a knockout phase.

Two players per team, entry £5 per team. Trophies for the winners, medals for second place.

A time of 5 mins plus 3 seconds per move will be given to each board. The first team to checkmate wins.

In the unlikely event of a draw on both boards in the knockout round, the match will have to be replayed.