Mid Sussex league

Away to Sussex university

On Thursday 16th March Bexhill 2 travelled to Falmer to play Sussex University in league 2 of the Mid Sussex Chess leagues.

Our team, in board order was Leo, John, Steve B and Michael.

The University only run one team, and, therefore have many strong
players to choose from, and for this match they chose a powerful team..

Michael on 4 unfortunately faced an opening that he had not come across before and this led to him losing his game.

Steve on 3 making a welcome return after a hip operation played very well to secure a draw.

John on 2 lost a piece early on but had some compensation with his opponents king unable to castle and fought hard, but in the end he had to resign.

Leo on 1 had a strong looking attack, but his opponent found the one move that saved him and went on to win.

Final score: University 3.5 Bexhill 2 .5

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