Mid Sussex league

A vital draw for Bexhill 3

On Friday 16th February our 3rd team had a home match V East Grinstead 2.

Our team, in board order was Luke, Bill T, Jo and Ben.

Luke lead the way with a fine win, in which he applied pressure from early onхand eventually forced a resignation.

I had a long match on board 2 with time running short missed a chance for a draw and lost my game.

Jo on 3 looked as though he had chances but eventually his opponent was able to make use of a passed pawn and Jo had to resign.

Ben’s game on 4 came down to a complex end game which looked drawish but his opponent made a very uncharacteristic error which cost him a rook and the game.

The final score of 2 each keeps our hopes up of avoiding relegation.

Mid Sussex league

Away to Crowborough

On Friday 16th our 1st team travelled to Crowborough
for a 1st Division match.

Our team, in board order was Andy, Andrew, Janis and Leo.

Andy on board 1 continued his remarkable season and gained another draw, this time against an opponent who out rated him by 200 points.

Andrew on 2 played an advanced French Wade variation and eventually forced some dubious moves from his opponent to go a piece up in the endgame and claim a fine win.

Janis and Leo both fought well but unfortunately both lost their games.

Final score Crowborough 2.5 Bexhill 1.5

Mid Sussex league

Away to Brighton

On Monday 19th our 2nd team had the daunting task of taking on Brighton 2.

I say daunting as Brighton 2 are top of the division and very strong contenders to win promotion. Also, as it turns out, they were able to field their strongest team.

Our team of Leo, Bill L, Michael H and Lawry all battled hard but in the end Brighton emerged worthy winners 4 to 0.

Mid Sussex league

First team away to Eastbourne

On Friday the 19th January, our 1st team made the short journey to Eastbourne to take on their 1st team.
Our team was Mark, Janis, Leo and Steve Blewitt.

On board 1 Mark faced a strong player who played a very unorthodox opening as black. e4 a6, d4 b5 even with Mark’s vast experience he was now out of book!
A tight game followed and on move 26 with the game very close a draw was agreed.

On board 2 Janis played very well and pushed hard for the win but settled for a draw against an opponent who out rated him by 120 points.

On board 3 Leo, playing his first match of the season, really rose to the challenge and won against an opponent who out rated him by 130 points.

On board 4 Steve Blewitt stepped in at short notice when Andy who would have played on board 2 was forced to withdraw due to illness. This was always going to be tough for Steve as he had been working all day and unfortunately his opponent got the better of him.

Final score Eastbourne 2 Bexhill 2

This draw does give us a glimmer of hope in the battle to avoid relegation, particularly as we are still to play the two teams that are currently the bottom 2 teams in the league.

Mid Sussex league

Match report

Friday 20th October

Our team in board order  was  Michael Hayward, Sam, Seb and Sharon.

Michael faced an opponent rated 180 points higher than himself and for much of the game was under a great deal of pressure. However, despite time pressure Michael continued to find the right defensive moves and eventually turns the tables on his opponent and emerged victorious.

Sam and Seb put up strong resistance but eventually the experience of their opponents proved decisive and each had to resign.

Sharon on 4 played a tremendous game  finding many excellent moves  whilst under massive time pressure. Eventually in what looked like a very drawable position Sharon’s time ran out..

Hastings are now 4 from 4 in the league and already looking as strong favourite for the title, so although this match was lost 3 to 1 the team can feel proud of their efforts.

Mid Sussex league

Match report

Friday 17th November

One of the reasons for us entering 4 teams in the Sussex Leagues was to give inexperienced players the chance to play competitive Chess against strong and experienced players.

This match provided exactly that scenario, as we had two members playing for the first time one playing his second game and one his third.

Luke had the challenge of playing board one and gave a very good account of himself against a very tough opponent. Although he lost he can be very proud of his effort.

The same can be said of Jo, Ed and Mike on 2, 3 and 4 who were all playing vastly more experienced opponents. Each played well but in the end the final score was:

Eastbourne 4   4    Bexhill 4    0

Mid Sussex league

Match report

We travelled to the University knowing that we had a big challenge on our hands and what followed was one of the best performances by any Bexhill team since we entered the Leagues 4 years ago.

First to finish was Alan on board 3. Taking on an opponent outrating him by 180 points, he played a very solid game which ended in a draw.

I was on board  and, my opponent out rated me by 220 points.

We played a very evenly balanced game and, after 35 moves I offered a draw. He thought for several minutes and, rather reluctantly, he agreed. Analysis showed the final position to be level.

Steve Merchant on board 1  was next to finish.

Steve played exceptionally well to really outplay an opponent rated 167 points higher.

Eventually with Steve very well on top his opponent resigned.

On 4 Jo continued his recent fine form and recorded a fine win.

Sussex University 1     1        Bexhill 3      3

Mid Sussex league

Match report

This match was a fine effort by our third team against the 2nd team of one of the leading clubs in the County.

On board 1  Steve Merchant came very close to winning his game against an opponent rated 160 points higher, but eventually he was forced to resign.

On board 2 I played an opponent out rating me by 220 points. Our game was a long tight game and eventually a draw was agreed.

On board 3 Lawry giving away 180 points competed well but the game got away from him and he eventually resigned.

On board 4 our very promising junior Luke  played a fine game and looked to have an edge but his opponent managed to engineer a 3 fold repetition for a draw.

Bexhill 3     1    Brighton  2     3

Mid Sussex league

Match report

On Tuesday 31st October we made the long journey to Horsham to take on Collyers 6th Form College.

Janis on board 1 played a fine game against a higher rated opponent to win his game.

On board 2 Bill fought hard and gained a good draw against a promising young player.

On board 3 Michael Hayward did his part with a solid draw.

Unfortunately on board 4 I played one of my worst ever openings and was down a Bishop after 7 moves!  My young opponent went on to play very well and eventually I had to resign.

Collyers 6th Form College 1      2     Bexhill 2      2

Mid Sussex league

Match report

This was a tight match against local rivals Eastbourne.

The teams were well matched in terms of ratings and the games reflected this.

On board 1 Janis earned a draw against a vastly experienced opponent.

On board 2 Bill Luxton   just came up short against a very resilliant opponent..

On board 3 Alan attacked hard from the start, but his opponent was able to find the right moves at the right time and eventually Alan had to resign.

On board 4 Lawry played very well to gain his first win for the club.

Final score Eastbourne 3   2.5   Bexhill 2     1.5