A friendly match against Bexhill College

On Friday 2nd February we played a friendly match V Bexhill 6th Form College. Our team, in board order was Bill L, Michael Hayward, Bill Tracey, Rose, Tony and David Pratt.

I was the first to finish. My opponent unfortunately made a couple of errors early on which let me
gain a strong advantage and led to a quick win.

Rose was next to finish. Playing for the senior section of the club for the 1st time she played confidently
and accurately and overwhelmed her opponent.

David continued the theme and proved too strong for his opponent.

Tony had a very competitive game and eventually he agreed a draw with his opponent.

Michael, seemed to have his game under control but things took a turn for the worse and a piece down he resigned.

Bill on one had a titanic struggle. He made a bold sacrifice which put his opponent under huge pressure
to the extent that her King was on the 7th rank with no squares to move to. She defended very very well but with both players under huge time pressure and no increments, her clock ran out while Bill had 4 seconds left!

The afternoon was very enjoyable and all of us, except Bill , played at least 2 matches.

The final score was Bexhill 4.5 Bexhill College 1.5

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