Hosting Crowborough 2

On Friday 26th February our 2nd team entertained Crowborough 2

in Division 2 of The Sussex League.

Our team, in board order was Leo, Steve B, Bill L and Steve M.

Unfortunately our opponent’s board one thought the match was at Crowborough! So Leo did not get a game

Steve M was first to finish. He took full advantage of his opponents desire to pinch a couple of pawns whilst Steve developed and eventually overwhelmed his young opponent and won in good style.

Bill on 3 fought hard but going into the end game was a Bishop down and this proved decisive.

Steve B on 2  became involved in a long, complex and exciting game. We just needed a half from this game to win the match, which Steve was clearly aware of, but he pushed hard for the win, keeping me on tenterhooks! 

Eventually with a draw looking the most likely result Steve offered the draw and his opponent who was in time trouble agreed.

Final score   Bexhill 2.5   Crowborough 2 1.5

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