SJC GP5 – Horsham

Last weekend, many of our juniors made the long journey over to Horsham for the fifth grand prix event of the Sussex Junior Chess season.
Zac, in the under 11 minor section, started the day off badly with two losses, but came back strong to win three in a row, finishing on 3 from 6 in 11th place.
Eszter, in the same section, also finished on three points and on tie break finished 14th.
In the under 11 major section, Harry unfortunately had to withdraw after two rounds as he was feeling unwell.
In the same section, Noah had a great day, winning 4 from 6 and finishing in 3rd place! Fantastic achievement Noah!
In the incredibly tough under 18 major section, Rose finished on 2.5/6. Sam just above on 3/6 including a draw with 1829.
Luke had another fantastic tournament getting a draw in the last round against the overall winner and finishing on 4.5/6 and 2nd place!
But the day belonged to our Sebastian. Who has been plodding away in the background for many years. Finally, it was his day!
He strolled through his first four games winning them all. Round 5 saw him drawn against a strong opponent. A very tight game developed. Before Sebastian made an epic queen sacrifice to go into a winning position and checkmate followed soon after! An incredibly gutsy move under time pressure!
Finally, on 5/5 going into the last round needing at least a draw, his opponent fell into an opening trap and Sebastian quickly gave checkmate to finish on 6/6 and winning the Under 18 minor section!
Many congratulations Sebastian! A well deserved and hard earned achievement that should serve as a lesson to all the children who find themselves in a plateau and feeling a lack of progression. If you keep going, one day you will also have your day!!

Many congratulations to ALL the Bexhill players. One more GP to go in Worthing in May!

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