A tough draw for the first team

On Friday 1st March Bexhill 1 hosted Horsham 2 in League 1 .

Our team, in board order was Andy, Andrew, Janis and Leo.

Andrew continued his recent excellent form and was in control from early on until, with Andrew in an overwhelming position, his opponent resigned.

The remaining 3 matches were much longer and and closer fought.

Leo and his opponent had a three fold repetition in a very complex situation with Leo having pressed very hard for the win.

Andy and his opponent both seemed to have chances with Andy a pawn down at one point and then 4 pawns to two up. Unfortunately Andy’s rook was pinned down defending a pawn on the 7th rank and
a draw was agreed.

Janis’s game was eventually halted by time running out on the match clock. After a brief examination it was agreed that Janis was lost . Rather unusually after further analysis by Janis he discovered that 2 moves earlier the game was level and although Janis wasn’t certain at the time he did think about stopping moving and letting the match clock run out. If he had a draw would have been the result!

The final score was 2 all which means we still have a chance of avoiding relegation.

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