3rd team gain a vital win over Eastbourne

On Friday 8th Bexhill 3 played Eastbourne 3 in a vital relegation battle in division 2 of The Sussex league.

As with every match this season we were once again out rated. This time we were out rated by 440 points on the top 3 boards (on board 4 Jo does not yet have an established grade]

First to finish was Jo on board 4. He took advantage of his opponents gambit in the opening and steadily built up an overwhelming lead until his opponent resigned.

Luke on board 1 was next to finish. He faced a vastly experienced opponent and the game boiled down to Luke having 4 pawns, bishop and Knight to 7 pawns and Bishop. Ultimately the 4 to 1 advantage on the King’s side proved decisive an, with promotion imminent Luke resigned.

I was next to finish on board 3. I was forced to defend an endgame where I had an isolated pawn on the h file and doubled pawns on the F file. Fortunately I was able to hold on for about 25 moves and escaped with a draw.

Lawry had a big challenge on board 2 being out rated by 240 points. He responded superbly. The end game was very tense Lawry having Queen, Rook and 2 pawns
to his opponents Queen, Rook and 4 pawns. Lawry managed to win a pawn, and with both Kings
now quite open a draw was looking likely and, indeed, Lawry offered a draw, but his opponent declined.
However his opponent was under big time control pressure and living on his 30 second increment.
Finally as he strived to find a way past Lawry’s stout defense his clock ran out. Lawry deserves huge credit for his excellent end game resistance.

Final score Bexhill 2.5 Eastbourne 1.5

This result now moves the 3rd team level with the 2nd team and 2 places out of the relegation zone. One more win from our last 3 games will insure that we remain in Division 2.

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