Giant slaying in East Grinstead

On Monday 8th April, Bexhill 3 travelled to East Grinstead to play their first team who look to be winning the league comfortably with all four players rated over 2000.

Our team in board order was Lawry, Jo, Oli and Sam.

Sam was first to finish. He gave up a piece for three pawns after the opening and had a good position. But was unable to hold on again his very strong and experienced opponent.

There was a true instance of giant slaying on board 1. Lawry capitalised on an error by his opponent to take home the win against an IM with a rating of 2290! An incredible achievement! Holding his nerve to the very end finishing with a tidy bishop sacrifice to force a resignation.

Jo and Oli on boards 2 and 3 both played good long games with both Bexhill players losing under time pressure in complicated positions.

Thanks to East Grinstead for their hospitality.

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