Bexhill 1 final fight!

Match report from our captain Bill Tracey:

Here is the match report for the final match of the season for the 1st team.

Tuesday 30th April saw our 1st team travel to Hastings to take on their 2nd team in the final match of their season.

This was an absolute must win match as even a draw would see us relegated.

The team of Andy, Andrew, Janis and Leo responded magnificently and secured a fine win by 3.5 to .5.

Leo was first to finish. He went into the end game with a slight edge and played very accurately to force a resignation.

Andrew was next to finish and after defending his position with great skill gained a draw.

Janis on board 3 was under a bit of time pressure but remained calm and slowly but surely gained an overwhelming position to win his game and secure victory for the team.

On board 1 Andy found a fine move which put him 2 pawns up and, with checkmate imminent,
his opponent resigned.

This win means that Eastbourne 2 who have two matches to play need to win one to relegate us.
In one they should be big under dogs in the other they do a have a chance. So we will know in the next 3 days what are fate is.

Thanks to all the following club members who have played for the 1st team this season.

Mark, Andy, Andrew, Janis, Leo, Bill L, James, Michael, Steve B, Steve M, Lawry and Bill T.

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