Bexhill beginners:

Steve is going to be running an introductory chess course over the summer in place of the junior meeting. Please share if you know anyone who may be interested. Details are as follows:

New to chess? Not played since you were a kid?

Bexhill chess club will be running a 6 week beginners/ refresher/ introduction to chess course.

The price for the course is just £30 and includes 6 one hour coaching sessions as well as access to up to 3 hours a week of free play to give you a chance to practice what you have learned. Also plenty of tea and biscuits!

The course will include:
The pieces – How do they move? Where should they go? How to talk to your army?
The opening – What to do in the first 10 moves?
The middle game – Tactics, Strategy and a mixture of the two.
The ending – How to finish off your opponent?
Chess and the computer – How to use a computer to access chess and improve your game.
Bexhill beginners cup 2024.

The course is open to anyone 16+.

The sessions will be held at St.Marks community centre on a friday evening from 6pm till 7pm, starting on July 26th and running on consecutive weeks for 6 weeks, finishing on August 30th.

For any questions or to book, email

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