Mid Sussex league

Match report

Our first home fixture of the season saw our 2nd team take on our 3rd team in Division 2.

Our 2nd team , in board order, was Janis, Lawrie, Bill Luxton and Steve Merchant.

Our 3rd team, in board order, was Bill Tracey, Lawrie, Luke and Michael Hayward.

Janis and I were first to finish. Janis got on top after 10 moves and kept the pressure on
until , with checkmate imminent, I resigned.

Michael and Steve played a very impressive short game on board 4, with both players achieving a computer rating of 98% before agreeing a draw.

On board 2 Steve managed to go ahead by a knight to 2 pawns and this proved vital. Lawrie battled hard but eventually had to resign.

On board 3 Luke and Bill had a fine game. Luke was able to gain an edge in a rooks and pawns endgame and, with two strong passed pawns looking unstoppable, Bill resigned.

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