Mid Sussex league

Match report

The 1st home match of the season for our 1st team saw Bexhill take on Brighton.

Our team, in board order was Anh, Andrew, Bill Luxton and Michael Hayward.

As is often the case we were heavily out rated for this match against last years
Division 1 champions. This time by over 950 points!
Michael and Bill put up stout resistance but eventually both had to concede defeat.

Andrew on board 2 played a fine game and was never in trouble against an opponent
rated 200 points higher. In the end a draw was agreed.

Anh on 1 was once again pitched against an opponent of the highest standard rated at 2244.
A game of almost three hours and of very high quality ensued.
With the maximum playing time of 3 hours and 10 minutes nearly up the two players agreed a draw.
So once again a great effort by Anh who continues to display match skills way beyond his years.

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