Mid Sussex league

Match report

Our team in board order was Mark, Anh, Michael and Lawry.

The evening produced 4 really long and hard fought games
On board 4 Lawry fought really well after a challenging opening
which left him a pawn down. He managed to win an exchange but
his opponent had a very strong central pawn mass which eventually proved decisive.

On board 3 Michael and his opponent both were under immense time control
with his opponent at one time down to a mere 2 seconds! However Michael
was also playing on his increment and eventually his time ran out.
This was still a very fine effort from Michael as he was giving away 280 points to his opponent.

Mark on board 1 was playing his first league match of the season and it also was a long and well contested game. Mark eventually wore down his opponent and thus gained our first point of the night.

Anh on board 2 was matched against another very strong junior some 5 years his senior.
Anh fought hard and despite looking as though the end game looked to favour his opponent, Anh stayed cool and calm and secured a well earned draw.

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