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Bexhill 3 finish the season unbeaten

Match report from our captain Bill Tracey:

Thursday 20th April saw our 3rd team play their final team match of the season.

We travelled to Haywards Heath to take on their 2nd team. Our team, in board order was Bill L, Bill T, Alan and Derek.

Alan and I finished at almost the same moment.

My opponent played a dubious opening and I was able to establish a good position. This advantage was then greatly increased when he blundered his Queen! He played on for a few more moves but then resigned.

Alan had a very similar game as he too built a strong position, when his opponent blundered his Queen and a few moves later he resigned.

Bill on 1 was next to finish. Bill had a shocking journey to the venue, the Police had closed a road which meant his journey taking almost two hours, which caused him to arrive slightly late. I think that this clearly affected his opening, but he fought well in a difficult position and eventually accepted his opponents offer of a draw.

Derek was last to finish. He played very well against a determined opponent and eventually won by checkmate.

Final score Haywards Heath .5 Bexhill 3.5

This means that we have finished the league unbeaten with 8 wins and a draw.

Well done to all who played for the 3rd team this season.

A full report on all 3 league teams will be published shortly.

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