Mid Sussex league

Match report

We travelled to the University knowing that we had a big challenge on our hands and what followed was one of the best performances by any Bexhill team since we entered the Leagues 4 years ago.

First to finish was Alan on board 3. Taking on an opponent outrating him by 180 points, he played a very solid game which ended in a draw.

I was on board  and, my opponent out rated me by 220 points.

We played a very evenly balanced game and, after 35 moves I offered a draw. He thought for several minutes and, rather reluctantly, he agreed. Analysis showed the final position to be level.

Steve Merchant on board 1  was next to finish.

Steve played exceptionally well to really outplay an opponent rated 167 points higher.

Eventually with Steve very well on top his opponent resigned.

On 4 Jo continued his recent fine form and recorded a fine win.

Sussex University 1     1        Bexhill 3      3

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